How To Deal With Social Anxiety

How To Deal With Social Anxiety

How To Deal With Social Anxiety

Being anxious or nervous in social situations is quite normal. We all know this feeling. So, what is it? And, how to deal with social anxiety?

Social anxiety is the fear or anxiety that occurs because of a social situation. Such a situation can be different from person to person. Have you ever got sweaty palms when delivering a presentation in an organization? That’s because you have turned anxious, the experts call it social anxiety.

What Causes Social Anxiety?

Every person has a brain, and it functions differently. Our brains can generate chemical messages as per how we nurture our brains. So, the cause of social anxiety is different from person to person. In most cases, this feeling arises in unique situations or doing something we are not good at. We can also have social anxiety when we incur into carrying out something with sole responsibility, and the fear of failure can cause us anxiousness.

Here are some common situations, in which we have social anxiety:

  • Delivering a presentation
  • Meeting new people
  • Going on a date
  • Sitting in exam halls
  • Proposing someone
  • Starting conversations
  • Launching a business
  • Maintaining a social repo

How To Deal With Social Anxiety?

Everybody has a diverse chemical message generated every second in the brain. And as per how our brain responds, we can personalize the ways to end social anxiety from person to person. There are a few common ways you can try to take control of your anxious feelings.

Set A Positive Mindset

Always have positive thoughts in mind, and deal with failures with optimism. Human beings have a brain that tells us how we can handle a particular situation. That’s where we can also be a bit wrong in gauging the success ratio, and our plan can go wrong as well. Therefore, it’s always essential we should train ourselves to say okay if something goes averse to our hopes and expectations.

Comprehensive Planning

When we have the sense to plan comprehensively and can understand the pros and cons, we can always envisage future happenings. If we are afraid of talking to new people, then we can plan it before actually meeting them. What will happen? We can already think about what to talk to them about so you can have a perfect picture of how the experience will be. And, doing this will lessen your fears.

Face Your Fears

When you start facing your fears of daily life and take them into challenges, so they will go away once you can actually believe that these challenges are in your control. Most of the time, we don’t wish to stay in front to our fears, which makes us lose our confidence and esteem. Therefore, always be ready when any fear in on the way, and tell yourself that it’s normal.

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