How Habits Are Formed

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How Habits Are Formed

If we look into the deeper insights of behavioral sciences and how our brain functions, we come up with the fact that we have diverse habits in our lives that we love to carry out every day. Let’s see how habits are formed.

Habits mean the activities or actions we perform, even if we don’t actually think about them in real-time. But, have you ever thought about how we form habits?

Here is a 3-step process that our brain follows while forming a habit.


Every habit is started with a cue or trigger. That trigger leads us into developing an extensive interest or emotion to take action. And, sometimes the trigger keeps our curiosity arising to do the same again and again.

Every new habit is the result of a trigger. Even if we want to break a habit, we need some sort of trigger.


Always a trigger has the potential to make us realize the end reward of doing something. We get triggered because our brain knows that there is something beneficial we’re gonna get after doing a particular thing. This is always the second step of the total three towards developing a new habit or replacing the old one with the new one.


Before we actually form a habit, the craving is the most important and 3rd step toward forming a habit.

We get a trigger and think of some reward for believing in the trigger. That’s why the particular trigger becomes our craving to acquire repeated rewards.

In the end, we form a habit because we become fond of getting the reward again and again.

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