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This course is a unique combination of (neuro)science and mindfulness with one particular aim: Becoming the most true expression of who we really are. By taking this 30-day journey, you will take a dive into the fascinating world of neuroscience, social science and mindfulness. Discover who we as humans are. Above all: discover who you are!

In the first block, you will learn about the neuroscience behind performance and unlocking your unique potential through effectively regulating internal blockages. We will have a look at where our thoughts come from and how they influence the quality of our life. The amygdala, Default Mode Network and the Prefrontal cortex will no longer be secrets to you.

In the second block, we will focus on the emotional life of our brain. You will learn how you can deal with short-lived emotions that suck your energy in challenging situations. Also, you will be introduced into the most wonderful world of your inner wisdom. We all have a powerful and wise inner guide. Through mindfulness, we can re-connect with our own inner wisdom and find the courage to truly embody our values.

In the final block, we will take it one step further by taking a closer look at the social life of your brain. As social creatures, many of our emotions are a result of our social connections. You will learn how to reduce the energy loss that – in our mind – is connected with certain social relationships. Based on theory and practice, we will take a close look at trust and how we can nurture trust even more. Lastly, through reflection and meditation, we will re-connect with the healing power of trust and gratitude.
In the second and third block of this course, there will always be an imaginary special guest who is related to the topic of the session. Each session is a combination of theory and practice. This course will forever change the way you think and feel about yourself.

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