5 Conditions of Secure Attachment

5 Conditions of Secure Attachment

5 Conditions of Secure Attachment

Before we dive into the conditions of secure attachment, what does attachment mean? Attachment is where two people feel emotionally and psychologically attached to each other. Secure attachment is the extreme level of attachment, which means this is the healthiest and strongest form of attachment. Here are the 5 conditions of secure attachment.

Healthy And Strong Relationship

A secure attachment is always laid on a healthy and strong relationship. If your relationship with your partner seems to be in tatters, you can be unsure of a secure attachment. Therefore, the first condition of secure attachment is a strong relationship. When we go deeper and see, what is a strong relationship, we can have several discussion points and figures to talk about.

Self-Esteem & Confidence

No emotion can take place which is, positive and progressive if one is not self-esteemed and confident. Having a great round of confidence necessary for a secure attachment with a partner. Always work on confidence, optimism, and the kinds of stuff that boost confidence. It will support building a healthy relationship with your partner with enhanced attachment.


Trust is an obligation to survive any kind of relationship. Without trust, no relationship can last longer. When you’re expecting a secure attachment, you have to ensure you have trust in each other. It’s always trusting that leads to attachment and healthy relationships. Otherwise, we just leave ending up relationships. Definitely, this is a major condition for a secure attachment.

Physical & Emotional Intimacy

Emotional and physical intimacy is what makes us stronger to feel our relationships. If failing to maintain intimacy with a partner, there’s less likeliness to ensure a secure attachment. That’s important you should care for your partner, fulfilling all their needs and meeting expectations. Hence, a secure attachment between two partners has a requisite to have intimate moments to feel each other. It gives us space for bigger emotions within ourselves.

Sharing And Communication

When we stop sharing what we do or what we feel with partners, it creates gaps between the two. Sincere and honest communication, including gossip and serious conversations about life, is essential. It is one of the pillars of a secure attachment. Ideas, talks, and speaking about fun stuffs create a solid form of attachment among partners.

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