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Brinn Tomes is a Neuro Synthesist, Life Transformational Mentor and Coach, Dadologi founder, dad, speaker and entrepreneur. He was born and raised in South Africa and now living in Europe.

My daughter saved my life!

Perhaps not in the traditional sense but, from the time I held her in my arms and fell madly in love, my perspective of life was forever altered. I had my ‘Damascus’ moment and knew there had to be a bigger purpose and that I wanted to live my best life for her. It catapulted my future into a new dimension.

At the time, I was living life in the fast lane. Foot flat on the pedal, directionless and going nowhere … fast. I was juggling running various businesses with a destructive lifestyle of late nights and partying. Living through extreme highs and also crashing to all-time lows. I’d won and lost far too many times to count.

I remember being in tears as I gazed at her, realising I had been blessed with the greatest gift and, with it, the greatest responsibility. I had to change my life, to take ownership of my actions and to be the person I was destined to be. The person my daughter would be proud to call dad.

I made a promise – to her and myself – that I would question everything I knew about myself and the world and break the self-destructive cycle. To be mindful in my parenting approach, to be hands-on and ever-present … to enjoy the experience and give her the best possible start and foundation in life.

These life affirming decisions led me to decide to raise my daughter – solo – when she was nine months old.

And so began my transformation. The road was not easy. I had to say goodbye to past friends, realign my habits, seek guidance and help, study, question and, most importantly, park my ego.

I learned to see the world differently, to find the life skills, tools and emotional intelligence to parent with purpose. It was, and is, an ongoing learning experience – filled with trials, tribulations and triumphs.

Looking back on this 9 year+ journey I realise that everything in my life – good and bad – has led me to this place and time.

As a Neuro Synthesist, Life Transformational Mentor and Coach, Dadologi founder, dad, speaker and seasoned entrepreneur I am ready to share my story to motivate and encourage others to believe in themselves. To recognise where they are in life, to help bring clarity and direction on how to make the changes they need to make. To share my toolbox of techniques and methods that can be implemented in all areas of life.


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